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Islington - The Opera (2014)

Young Actors Theatre

My role

Stage Manager. Additionally: technical planning of the set building as well as set building, rehearsal recording and maintaining cloud storage for easy information sharing; maintenance of pyrotechnics equipment.

About the play

It's midsummer's eve and a group of young people pursuing careers in the entertainment industry meet by the grave of Joseph Grimaldi in Pentonville Road for a picnic. One of them inadvertently brings the famous dead clown back to life and he is both delighted to be back in Islington and shocked by the change he sees.

A darkly comic musical adventure ensues with more theatrical ghosts appearing from beyond the grave with the malevolent figure of Grimaldi's father in hot pursuit as the living and the dead join forces to gather real life Islington Stories to defeat the evil Signor.

Libretto by Peter Cann. Music by Simon Fraser. Directed by Andrew Harries.

Islington-The Opera - Young Actors Theatre
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Into the Forest (2013)

Theatre Peckham

My role

Stage Manager; Sound, Light & AV Operator. Additionally: set building & painting, props building, photoshopping pictures for projection, PAT testing.

About the play

Adapted from the well-known children's book of the same title by Anthony Browne, the play follows the adventures of a little boy who takes the forbidden path through the forest to his Grandma's house. It becomes a journey full of storybook friends and foes hidden in a surreal, magical, all dancing and singing landscape.

Fairy-tale characters come to life and they're very hungry: Jack and his dancing cow, Cinderella, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and many more. They not only want the cake, but eat it too!

Book by Anthony Browne. Adapted and directed by Teresa Early. Music by Roger Goslyn.

Into the Forest - Theatre Peckham